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All furnace manufacturers will tell you the same thing; perform preventive furnace maintenance every year on your heating and/or cooling unit, preferably as the seasons change. And this is true, in order to be aware of any potential problems and address them before they become issues, and furnace maintenance should be done on your equipment every fall. This yearly diligence benefits you because it prolongs the life of your equipment, and therefore can reduce the cost of furnace repair, and perhaps avoid replacement of your heating equipment, sometimes for years.

Furnace maintenance and furnace repair also saves you money on fuel costs, can lower your overall energy bill, and helps to satisfy the warranty requirements of the manufacturer. If your heating equipment should fail and you have not met the warranty requirements, you could be looking at a significant cost if it results in new furnace installation.

Here are some of the services Leo’s Sewer and Drain can perform to help you keep your furnace in good working condition:

  • Replace your furnace filter
  • Check your thermostat to ensure proper operation
  • Inspect your registers
  • Clean the interior and exterior of your furnace housing
  • Ensure all primary furnace safeties are operating properly
  • Clean the pilot light assembly
  • Clean the furnace blower compartment
  • Inspect your furnace venting system
  • Check for combustible gas leaks
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide at furnace and/or water heater

The better educated you are when it comes to furnace maintenance and furnace repair, the greater peace of mind you will have during those cold winter days and nights, when you need to know your heating unit is working properly, and that your home and loved ones are safe from the threat of furnace failure. Leo’s Sewer and Drain will provide you with a list of furnace repair items we recommend to get optimum performance from your heating unit.

With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to provide the ultimate customer service experience, we endeavor to become your “go to” local resource for furniture maintenance, repair, and installation. Give us a call today at (719) 550-0837 for reliable, affordable, friendly service.


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