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Drain Video Inspection Colorado Springs

Advances in technology extend to state-of-the-art equipment used in plumbing servicing and repair. One such high-tech advancement is the use of specially designed video cameras to conduct drain inspections. Leo’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning employs the use of this technology to conduct visual inspections of pipes of all sizes that otherwise would be difficult to inspect, and in some cases, might involve costly and disruptive excavation to determine what the problem is.

These rugged, flexible, waterproof cameras provide a visual inspection of troublesome drains, sewer lines, and other pipes. The ability to use this equipment to see underground, in pipes surrounded by concrete, and under your home’s foundation allows for the opportunity to more accurately diagnose drain issues, identify obstructions, root intrusion, pipe damage, pipe misalignments, punctures, and other defects.

Being able to see in tough to reach places and around corners makes a world of difference, and can save customers money, time, and hassle. Knowing what disruptive elements lurk in our pipes and drains using video inspection technology allows us to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe. The guesswork is removed allowing problems to be resolved quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Plumbing video inspections have other valuable uses too. Locating missing or lost items that may have been dropped down the drain is one such scenario where drain video inspections come in handy. Valuable or sentimental items like jewelry can be located quickly and effectively with a video inspection.

Another good use of a video inspection is prior to conducting a remodel of a kitchen or bath, or an addition that may need additional plumbing. Being able to inspect the health of existing plumbing is important in determining whether modifications are needed to handle increases in water flow and waste.

Using drain video inspection is a great way to save you from inheriting a plumbing problem from a previous owner. This is especially valuable when doing a home inspection on an older home, such as a Victorian, craftsman model, or other older homes in established neighborhoods.

If you are looking for an established, experienced, locally owned and operated drain cleaner in Colorado Springs with the tools, knowledge, and technology to accurately and efficiently take hassle out of clearing your drains, call us today.


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