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Backflow Installation and Testing Colorado Springs

What is a backflow preventer?

A backflow prevention device is installed to keep potable (drinkable) water from becoming contaminated by backflow (flowing water in the opposite direction). A backflow device is designed to stop any water from traveling back into a house or building’s main water supply lines by maintaining water pressure in one direction.

Who can install a backflow device?

Only a person who is certified should install a backflow preventer. Leo’s Sewer and Drain is backflow tester certified, meaning we are licensed to install and test backflow devices in both residential and commercial spaces in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

What is backflow testing?

The State of Colorado requires annual inspection of backflow prevention devices installed in cross connection systems. During these yearly inspections, valves, relief valves, air inlets, buffers, and shut off valves are all tested to ensure they are working properly and do not present with any issues that might cause the device to fail. Regular testing of your backflow device is the first step in preventing backflow failure and drinking water from becoming contaminated.

Like backflow preventer installation, testing can only be completed by certified and licensed individuals. Backflow preventer testing takes less than an hour can be easily scheduled by setting up an appointment during the week. We offer same and next day appointments for convenience.  As this is a required yearly test, it is important to work with a trusted and local company to install and test your backflow devices.

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